Nebraska Furniture Mart

Nebraska Furniture Mart Updates Branding with Streamlined Logo

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When your highest volume store is a 9-hour drive from Omaha, Nebraska, it makes sense that Nebraska Furniture Mart would look at its branding.

Much like how Kentucky Fried Chicken evolved into KFC, in order to reflect that it had more than fried chicken, Berkshire Hathaway’s Nebraska Furniture Mart is streamlining its logo branding to NFM.

After all, it’s 658 miles from Omaha, Nebraska to Dallas, Texas, and a store named for a faraway state may not resonate as much in Texas.

“It’s not an official name change, just a logo update, Nebraska Furniture Mart spokesman Andy Shefsky told the Dallas Morning News. “We sell a lot more than just furniture, and we’re in a lot more than just Nebraska,” he said. “It’s simply modernizing, reflective of who we are as a company, but not forgetting that Nebraska is our everything.”

The Dallas store will see its Nebraska Furniture Mart exterior signage replaced with NFM sometime in the spring of 2020.

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