Lubrizol’s Advanced Polymer Technology Provides Extended Life and Performance to Lithium-Ion Batteries

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Berkshire Hathaway’s Lubrizol Corporation has announced new Electro-Rite Polymer Technology for lithium-ion battery-cell construction to deliver new performance capabilities.

As global demands for energy storage continue to expand, lithium-ion battery systems must evolve. With a commitment to its new Electro-Rite Polymer Technology, Lubrizol is dedicated to innovating advanced binder and dispersant technologies for anode, cathode and separator components to improve energy density and extend battery life.

The technology includes polymers designed to improve performance of electrodes, separators, and electrolyte components. Specifically, Electro-Rite polymer technology can help enhance binder slurry formulation, aid in the formulation of advanced anodes and separators, and deliver new primer capabilities.

The company’s Electro-Rite® Technologies for Batteries are advanced material solutions for inside the battery, designed to improve performance of electrodes, separators, and electrolyte components. The Electro-Rite portfolio includes unique binder materials for anodes and separators for improving cell performance. The portfolio also includes dispersants and rheology modifiers that enhance dispersion, viscosity, flow properties and suspension of carbon, graphite, silicon, silicon oxide and ceramic active materials in aqueous slurries for optimal coating applications.

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