CORT Increases Sales With Vertebrae 3D Technology

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Berkshire Hathaway’s CORT, the nation’s leading provider of furniture rental and transition services, has seen its conversion rates increase 111% since the launch of an immersive shopping experience allowing customers to have real-time interaction with products while remaining in their own home.

In January, CORT and Vertebrae, the technology leader in 3D & augmented reality (AR) solutions for retail, rolled out an immersive shopping experience allowing customers to have real-time interaction with products. Through its partnership with Vertebrae, CORT is able to utilize 3D and AR technology to bridge the gap between physical stores and online retail to give customers a hybrid shopping experience.

Customers can now view over 150 furniture and home accessory products from every angle, and virtually assess how a piece of furniture will look and fit in their own space.

In its first full month since launching in mid-January, CORT has seen conversion rates increase 111% with beds and sofas receiving the most interaction. In addition to doubling conversion rates from customers engaging with 3D products versus those not engaging, CORT has seen an 122% increase in revenue per visit for desktop users and 78% for mobile users.

“More consumers are shopping online than ever before, which makes this an exciting time to explore ways to enhance our online experience with the use of virtual technology,” said Ben Clark, senior manager of online business development at CORT. “Being able to provide our customers with the tools necessary to make educated rental decisions is a top priority for CORT.”

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