BNSF Starts 2019 With Dramatic Increase in Petroleum Shipments

(BRK.A), (BRK.B)

BNSF Railway has started 2019 with positive overall numbers as compared to 2018 due to a huge increase in petroleum shipments.

Combined intermodal and carloads numbers are up 2.82% in the aggregate.

Of particular note are much higher petroleum shipments, which as of the week ending January 12, 2019, are up a whopping 43.82% over the same period last year.

Also, showing strong numbers are metals shipments, which are up 29.90%, and shipments of stone, clay and glass are up 22.06%.

Noteworthy on the downside are coal shipments, which are -1.16% and lumber shipments are down -17.37%.

Total shipments excluding intermodal are up a robust 4.98%

2018 was a strong year for BNSF, with the combined carloads including intermodal up 4.03% over 2017, and 2019 is starting off even better.

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