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Berkshire Hathaway-backed BYD Sells 70 More eBuses to Finland

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Berkshire Hathaway-backed BYD, the world’s leading eBus manufacturer, has secured another high-volume order for its zero-emission electric buses from Nobina in Finland. Nobina, the largest public transport operator in the Nordic region, has ordered a further 70 latest generation BYD eBuses in a strategic move to expand its fast evolving “green fleet.”

This latest order from Nobina Finland spans two of BYD’s best-selling electric bus models, comprising 42 units of the 42-foot bus model and 28 units of BYD’s 50-foot model. They are scheduled for delivery next summer, 2022 and will primarily operate on city routes in the Helsinki Metropolitan area.

The electric buses benefit from the latest generation BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery technology for optimized battery life and a longer driving range. The 42-foot model delivers a single charge range of 250 miles, while its larger 50-foot counterpart enjoys over 280 miles.

This is Nobina Finland’s second major order for BYD pure-electric buses, having taken delivery of 119 units in the summer of 2021. Combined, these buses have quietly and cleanly driven more than one 620,000 miles in Finland, saving 1400 tons of CO2 emissions. BYD is pleased and proud to support Nobina Finland on its green journey.

Nobina is a high-profile name in sustainable public transport throughout Scandinavia and, like BYD, places great emphasis on reducing pollution and protecting the environment.

The successful commercial relationship between Nobina and BYD, which initially started in 2015, continues to flourish as a result of the close synergy between the two brands and their core values in driving a greener world. Nobina currently has over 300 BYD electric buses operating in towns and cities across Sweden, Norway and Finland.

BYD buses are living up to their reputation for reliability in tough climatic conditions as demonstrated by those vehicles operating in the town of Piteå in North East Sweden. Close to the Artic Circle, Piteå with a latitude of 65.31° north, is the most northerly location in Europe. Thirteen 40-foot buses are in operation in this area following their delivery in May 2021.

Petri Auno, CEO, Nobina Finland, said: “Nobina is totally committed to sustainable transportation and this latest order for additional BYD electric buses is a testament to our strategy to replenish our fleet with clean, zero-emissions solutions that are kind to the environment. We continue to select BYD buses based on their excellent track record for reliability, operational efficiency, performance, safety and of course, for the comfort they provide to our passengers. BYD buses now account for 25% of our Nobina Finland fleet and we look forward to enhancing this in the future.”

Isbrand Ho, Managing Director, BYD Europe B.V., said: “We are delighted to have been awarded another prestigious order from Nobina Finland. Scandinavia is fast embracing eMobility, as demonstrated by the many hundreds of BYD eBuses already in operation across the Nordics. As an established and valued customer, with whom BYD shares so many environmental and ethical values, we are very pleased to support Nobina’s sustainable goals as it continues on its green, electric journey.”

Around 600 BYD electric buses have either been delivered, or are on order, from public transport operators and authorities across 20 cities in the Nordics. These pure-electric, eco-friendly buses have clocked up more than 18.6 million zero-emission miles, reducing CO2 emissions by 32,000 tons.

BYD and Berkshire Hathaway

In 2008, Berkshire Hathaway bet on BYD’s potential, purchasing 225 million shares for $232 million. It’s an investment that has paid off handsomely. Berkshire’s original investment of $232 million had grown in value to $5.897 billion as of December 31, 2020.

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