Nebraska Furniture Mart

Nebraska Furniture Mart to Move Des Moines Store to Larger Location

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Nebraska Furniture Mart will move its Des Moines, Iowa store.

The current 44,000-square-foot-store, which is actually in the town of Clive, will close and the furniture and appliance retailer will move to a site currently occupied by an empty former Dahl’s Food grocery store.

The new location is also in Clive, and will enable Nebraska Furniture Mart to feature more merchandise in the renovated 65,000-square-foot-building. The current location opened in 1993.

The new 65,000-square-foot location will still be small when compared to the company’s mega-store outside of Dallas, Texas, which clocks in at a massive 560,000-square-feet and is the largest store in the state.

Ryan Blumkin, vice president of Nebraska Furniture Mart, told the Des Moines Register that the new location will enable the retailer to increase its focus on retail customers. The Des Moines location has had a heavy emphasis on selling to contractors.

The opening is scheduled for spring 2019.

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