McLane Debuts Emerging Brands Program

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Berkshire Hathaway-owned McLane Company Inc., a major distributor and trusted partner to retail and restaurant brands across the US, has introduced a game-changing initiative: Emerging Brands. This innovative platform allows convenience store owners to swiftly broaden their product range with new, inventive, and trending brands.

Vito Maurici, McLane’s customer experience officer, emphasized the evolving preferences of today’s consumers, who seek personalized shopping experiences. Emerging Brands caters to this demand with its adaptable model, offering retailers of all sizes a top-notch platform to tap into the growing desire for unique products.

McKinsey & Company research highlights that a significant portion of shoppers actively seek out new brands and products. Emerging Brands responds to this trend by providing retailers access to a diverse array of offerings, including local, new-to-market, small-batch, and values-driven products not typically available through traditional distribution channels. These products span popular categories like alternative snacks, salty and sweet snacks, and packaged sweets and candy.

Moreover, Emerging Brands facilitates rapid product testing with minimal order requirements, streamlined processing, and warehouse-less drop shipping, all seamlessly integrated with McLane’s existing order and payment systems. Powered by technology partner Mable, the digital marketplace offers intuitive browsing features such as location-based searches, dietary preferences, brand values, and category sorting. Customers can also curate their favorites and receive personalized product recommendations based on their preferences.

Arik Keller, founder and CEO of Mable, underscored the partnership’s aim to create a seamless eCommerce platform connecting emerging brands with retailers. The drop ship model, coupled with integration with McLane’s product systems, ensures a hassle-free procurement process akin to ordering from McLane’s warehouse brands.

McLane’s commitment to providing tailored solutions for retail and restaurant clients encompasses everything from ordering and fulfillment to equipment and in-store merchandising. This initiative aims to empower smaller retailers while addressing logistical challenges faced by larger chains, ultimately enhancing the retail landscape with diverse and innovative offerings.

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