Lubrizol Advanced Materials Gets Green Accreditation for TempRite Brand FlowGuard Plus CPVC Piping System

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Berkshire Hathaway’s Lubrizol Advanced Materials’ brand FlowGuard Plus CPVC Pipe has been evaluated by the GRIHA Council and listed as a green product in the GRIHA Green Catalogue under the innovation category.

FlowGuard Plus CPVC piping system is the first piping material that has been granted this enlistment in India.

Manish Jain, Sr. Manager – South Asia, said, “Creating innovative sustainable products is a core pillar of our organization and we are proud to announce that our FlowGuard Plus CPVC Pipe has received the green certification from GRIHA, thus making it the first CPVC enlisted brand in the GRIHA Green Product Catalogue and a preferred material in home building projects in India. This listing will benefit the home and building owners using our products to earn green points under the GRIHA rating scheme of green buildings.”

Lubrizol Advanced Materials’ TempRite’s success on the green certifications and enlistments are on account of years of R&D, Innovation in CPVC technology and transparency in communicating the environmental aspects of the products to the market through lifecycle assessments and detailed environmental product reports for FlowGuard.

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