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Johns Manville Announces E3 Pallet Technology

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Berkshire Hathaway’s Johns Manville has announced the release of an innovative, new shipping pallet technology called the E3 Pallet™. The new E3 Pallet is a large pallet, designed to be cut into smaller, more functional pallet sizes for easy repurposing or recycling in warehouses.

E3 Pallets™ are manufactured in 4×8’ or 4×10’ pallet sizes. Historically, pallets this large are very costly to recycle or dispose of, and many businesses are unable to reuse them because of their atypical size. Unlike typical large pallets, the E3 Pallets™ can be easily broken down into smaller sizes using a hand-held circular saw. The 4×8’ pallet is designed to be cut into two, 48×48” pallets, and the 4×10’ pallet is designed to be cut into three, 40×48” pallets, allowing JM customers to either reuse the pallets in their warehouse or recycle the pallets more economically – ultimately decreasing waste at their facilities.

“We named our new technology the E3 Pallet™ because it is efficient, economical, and, since it reduces waste, it is environmentally-friendly,” said Brennan Hall, JM’s Senior HVAC Product Manager. “For years, we have heard from our customers and distributors that large, 4×8’ and 4×10’ pallets are incredibly expensive to scrap or recycle, and they lack functionality for warehouse reuse. We wanted to offer a solution that can be either more functional for reuse in warehouses or more economically recycled, depending on the customer’s needs. Ultimately, this allows us to offer a more sustainable solution to the industry as a whole. The E3 Pallet™ has the potential to reduce waste all the way to the contractor level.”

E3 Pallet™ Technology can ship anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Beginning on Aug. 18, 2020, the following products will be shipped using E3 Pallets:

– Micro-Aire® Duct Board Products
– SuperDuct® RC Duct Board
– Spiracoustic Plus® Duct Liner
– Linacoustic® R-300 Duct Liner
– Diffuser Board
– Fitting Fab Board

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