BYD’s 2023, A Global Triumph in NEV Sales and International Expansion

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Berkshire Hathaway-backed BYD’s global presence experienced a significant boost in 2023, with exports soaring by 334.2% to 242,765 units. The company expanded its footprint to over 70 countries on six continents. BYD’s technological prowess, commitment to eco-friendly mobility solutions, and collaboration with global top-tier partners contributed to this success.

Extensive Brand Matrix and Market Response

BYD solidified its position in the global new energy sector with the completion of its brand matrix, including the Dynasty series, Ocean series, DENZA, FANGCHENGBAO, and YANGWANG. Sales of the Dynasty and Ocean series reached 2,877,353 units, reflecting a remarkable 55.3% increase. DENZA, with 127,840 units sold in 2023, witnessed the DENZA D9 emerging as the annual MPV sales champion.

YANGWANG and FANGCHENGBAO, introduced in 2023, garnered positive market responses. YANGWANG U8 became a top seller in the million-level NEV segment, while BAO 5 established a strong presence in the off-road segment.

Continued Commitment to a Greener Future

From leading China’s NEV market to achieving the top global NEV seller status and ranking among the top ten in the global automotive industry, BYD has demonstrated the vast potential of the new energy sector. With a commitment to leveraging technological innovations for a better life, BYD aims to accelerate the transition towards a greener future, contributing to its vision to “Cool the Earth by 1°C.”

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