BYD Dolphin Debuts in Brazil

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BYD, the Chinese automobile manufacturer backed by Berkshire Hathaway, has made a significant stride in the Brazilian market with the official launch of the BYD DOLPHIN, its first pure electric model featuring its Ocean Aesthetics design.

Notably, during the launch day, an average of two units were sold every five minutes.

Having led the electric vehicle market in China for nine years and selling over 4.3 million new energy vehicles worldwide, BYD now extends its electrification wave to Brazil with the arrival of the BYD DOLPHIN.

Stella Li, the Executive Vice President of BYD and CEO of BYD Americas, expressed pride in being the first manufacturer to cease production of cars powered solely by internal combustion engines.

Tyler Li, the General Manager of BYD Brazil, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing competitive new energy models for Brazilian consumers. He stated with confidence that the BYD DOLPHIN is an excellent choice and serves as a gateway for those aspiring to own an electric car. By combining quality, advanced technology, and sustainability, BYD aims to meet the needs and preferences of the Brazilian market.

The BYD DOLPHIN, the first model designed with the Ocean Aesthetics design language, was created under the guidance of Wolfgang Egger, the Design Director of BYD. Drawing inspiration from marine elements, the vehicle showcases a vibrant and dynamic overall style. With a 2,700 mm wheelbase, the BYD DOLPHIN offers an exceptional interior space, ensuring heightened passenger comfort.

Distinguished as the first mass-produced pure electric model built on the e-platform 3.0, the BYD DOLPHIN leverages an 8-in-1 electric powertrain, significantly enhancing safety and cruising range. Equipped with the ultra-safe Blade Battery, the model boasts a pure electric cruising range of 405 km under NEDC conditions, providing consumers with a reliable and secure driving experience. Additionally, the Blade Battery charges from 30% to 80% in an impressive 30 minutes using DC charging.

The BYD DOLPHIN also offers an enjoyable and futuristic driving experience. Its intelligent cockpit system, featuring a 12.8-inch rotatable touchscreen, enables intelligent voice control, CarPlay System integration, and remote vehicle control via mobile devices. Furthermore, the model’s vehicle-to-load (VTOL) charging function caters to various outdoor power needs, further enhancing convenience for users in different scenarios.

The BYD DOLPHIN is the fifth new energy passenger car introduced by BYD in the Brazilian market. Building upon the success of previous models such as the BYD TANG, BYD HAN, BYD YUAN PLUS, and BYD SONG PLUS.

In the passenger vehicle segment, BYD has already established 24 dealership stores throughout Brazil. Looking forward, BYD aims to expand its presence even further, with plans to reach a total of 100 stores by the end of this year. This strategic expansion highlights BYD’s commitment to providing top-notch sales and after-sales services to meet the demands and expectations of Brazilian customers.

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