BYD Brings Together All Its Green Technologies for Its China Headquarters

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BYD’s China headquarters has officially launched its “Zero Carbon Industrial Campus” in Pingshan, which will become the first zero-carbon headquarters of Chinese automobile brands.

Founded in September 2006, BYD Pingshan Industrial Campus covers an approximate area of 7.6 million square feet, employing approximately 50,000 people.

The Pingshan Industrial Campus brings all of BYD’s green solutions such as photovoltaics, energy storage, new energy vehicles, the SkyRail monorail, and SkyShuttle to all aspects of production and life in the campus.

For example, BYD has built an intelligent green multi-level rail transit system, new energy vehicles, energy storage systems, and new energy vehicle charging stations on the campus. BYD has now expanded its emission reduction efforts to the daily production and operation of the company. BYD strives to create a green ecological environment for the entire campus through its internal green recycling system.

One of BYD’s representatives stated that “Pingshan’s first ‘Zero Carbon Industrial Campus’ project will become an important case study with rich experience accumulated, paving the way for BYD’s company-wide carbon emission reduction and carbon neutrality.”

In the construction of the “Zero Carbon Industrial Campus,” BYD has strengthened its carbon emission reduction actions concerning the energy structure, industrial structure, transportation, procurement, production, and operation of the campus. Concurrently, based on environmental technologies, BYD can achieve energy conservation and emission reduction products and solutions.

Promoting carbon emission reduction and achieve carbon neutrality requires an accurate understanding of where carbon emission comes from, knowing how to compile emission data, applying green energy more efficiently, and devising efficient industry strategies. To this end, BYD has invited SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection, and certification company, to provide consulting, certification, and technical support for the project.

BYD and Berkshire Hathaway

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