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Precision Castparts Making Progress on Pollution Mitigation

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Berkshire Hathaway’s Precision Castparts is making progress on its mitigation of heavy metals pollution at its Portland, Oregon plant, according to the Department of Environmental Quality.

The DEQ’s report notes that stormwater testing shows that water discharged into Johnson Creek is no longer contaminated thanks to the water filtration tank system that Precision Castparts installed in 2016.
Under the supervision of the EPA, contaminated soil on the property has been removed.

“In a portion of the site, there were some impacted areas affected by PCBs — or polychlorinated biphenyl — contamination so we had some sampling done there and discovered that there were impacts,” DEQ NW Region Cleanup and Site Assessment Manager Paul Seidel said on KOIN TV. “So that has been cleaned up in part under US-EPA oversight. There’s still more work to do there but there’s been a substantial amount of work completed in the last several years.”

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