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Pampered Chef Adds New Food Product Line Called Enrichables

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For the first time in its nearly 40-year history, Berkshire Hathaway’s kitchenware brand Pampered Chef is entering a new product category with the launch of a product line called Enrichables.

Pampered Chef will make it easier than ever for consumers to add nutrients to everyday meals, from pasta to batters to soups and so much more.

The new Enrichables line is launching with two nutrient-dense products — Kale & Fiber and Pea Protein — add one Enrichables packet to your favorite recipe to make your dishes more nutritious.

• Enrichables Kale & Fiber – Each packet includes 2 cups of freeze-dried kale. Kale contains minerals, antioxidants and vitamins A, C and K. Each packet also provides 8 grams of fiber from chicory root. Consuming adequate amounts of fiber daily can help promote fullness and digestive heath. Enrichables Kale & Fiber is the perfect meal enhancement for foods low in vegetables and fiber, such as ground meat, egg dishes and sauces.

• Enrichables Pea Protein – Each packet contains 100% high-quality plant protein made from yellow peas, which provides a clean, low-calorie form of protein. One packet includes 10 grams of protein. Consuming adequate amounts of protein daily can promote fullness, energy, and help maintain muscle function and mobility. This meal booster is ideal for low-protein foods such as baked goods, sauces and carb-based dishes.

“Vegetables are essential to our diets, but most people don’t even come close to getting the recommended amount due to the time and effort required,” said Sandy Wolner, RDN, Food and Trend Innovator for Pampered Chef. “The ingredients in Enrichables Kale & Fiber help add more vegetables to family-favorite meals, which can promote digestive health and add nutrients. The ingredients in Enrichables Pea Protein help you get more protein into your diet throughout your day.”

From incorporating veggies to a picky eater’s mac and cheese or protein to a breakfast smoothie, one Enrichables packet makes it easy to add Kale & Fiber or Pea Protein to any family’s favorite dishes. Enrichables are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and contain no added fillers or flavors, making them nearly undetectable, no matter the dish.

“We want to make it easier for consumers to reach their nutritional health goals, and that’s where Enrichables comes in,” said Kristin Hayward, Director of Brand Strategy for Pampered Chef. “Enrichables isn’t just a traditional boost for smoothies, it can be incorporated into almost any regular meal to make nutrition more approachable for the everyday cook.”

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