Lessons From Warren Buffett

Lessons From Warren Buffett: Here’s What to Pay Attention To

In the frenzied world of financial news, where the Dow can soar or plummet in the blink of an eye, it is the market’s capricious dance that captures the collective gaze. But should we, if we seek to walk in the footsteps of the legendary Warren Buffett, succumb to this tantalizing spectacle? The answer, resounds with a resolute “no.” For Warren Buffett, the stock market’s caprices hold little sway. To invest like Buffett is to look beyond the tumultuous fluctuations and fix one’s gaze upon the essence of individual businesses, where true value lies.

“Charlie and I don’t think about the market. And Ben (Graham) didn’t very much. I think he made a mistake to occasionally try and place a value on it,” Buffett explained at the 1999 Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. “We look at individual businesses, and we don’t think of stocks as little items that wiggle around on the paper and have charts attached to them. We think of them as parts of businesses.”

Buffett’s full explanation on focusing on individual companies rather than the market

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