Cornelius Ready to Showcase Concentrated Beer Dispenser Technology

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Cornelius, Inc., the world-leader in beverage dispensing systems, is preparing to showcase its beer dispensing technology that uses beer concentrates that are fully hydrated at the point of dispensing.

Cornelius and Sustainable Beverage Technologies (SBT), a Colorado based developer of concentrated beer technologies, will feature beer being dispensed from concentrate at the 2016 National Restaurant Association trade show in Chicago.

SBT has applied its unique BrewVo brewing technology toward developing a portfolio of beers with three craft brewers to create new beers that are concentrated until served from a Cornelius dispenser. The three craft breweries are New Belgium, Crazy Mountain, and Denali.

According to Cornelius, the combination of SBT’s BrewVo technology and Cornelius dispensers will allow these premium craft brewers to share their products with customers in a more efficient and sustainable manner.

Cornelius, Inc., the world-leader in beverage dispensing equipment, was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway’s Marmon Group in January 2014.

In November 2015, Cornelius and Sustainable Beverage Technologies announced a strategic partnership to market concentrated beer dispensing solutions to beverage brand owners and foodservice retailers across the globe.

According to SBT, using only traditional brewing ingredients (water, malt, hops, and yeast), SBT’s patented BrewVo technology utilizes a unique process called “Nested Fermentation”, in which brewers manage the fermentation environment where a highly concentrated beer is produced. When the beer concentrate is later mixed with carbonated water, the result says SBT compares to any premium beer on the market.

Pat Tatera, CEO and founder of SBT, said: “It’s exciting to work with world class breweries that provide exceptional craft beers, and also have such strong values towards the environment and sustainability.”

Drinking beer make you environmentally responsible. Now, that’s a message that millions of beer drinker will raise a glass to.

And, if you are too young to drink beer, Cornelius has a concentrated milk dispenser technology as well. In 2015 the company partnered with Dairyvative Technologies, a Wisconsin-based developer of a patented process that allows pasteurized milk to be concentrated to a liquid that has one seventh of its original volume.

To learn more about Dairyvative’s breakthrough concentrated milk technology, read the MazorsEdge Special Report: Breakthrough Aims to Change the Way You Drink Milk.

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