Forest River’s Booming Business Means 325 New Jobs in Elkhart, Indiana

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Forest River, Berkshire Hathaway’s RV manufacturer, is riding high these days. With business booming, it’s proposing spending roughly $6 million on real estate and create 325 new full-time jobs with annual salaries totaling approximately $16.9 million in Elkhart, Indiana.

The Elkhart County Council has approved a resolution for a 5-year tax phase-in agreement that would include Forest River’s guarantee of the 325 new full-time jobs.

Forest River has already begun construction on two buildings and is in the planning stage for two more.

Surprising analysts, millennials have embraced the RV lifestyle, which has helped spur robust annual growth averaging 15 percent the last few years.

Then again, perhaps it shouldn’t be such a surprise. With millennials touted as focused on experiences, the RV is the perfect vehicle to bring you to those experiences in comfort.

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