Lubrizol LifeSciences Announces New Compounding Capabilities

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The Lubrizol Corporation’s LifeSciences (LLS) business has announced the addition of compounding capabilities for its Pellethane® and Isoplast® products for medical device customers.

The new offering enables LLS to provide color matching, radiopacity and custom compound development services and complements LifeSciences’ existing polymer portfolio, formulation and manufacturing capabilities to enable success for medical device customers.

As part of this new service, LLS provides custom color matching for brand recognition, safe identification and aesthetics in medical device applications. Since pigment requirements are ever changing, LifeSciences pays close attention to ensure that colorants meet applicable regulatory requirements.

Along with color matching, LLS also offers radiopaque materials for X-ray identification and proper device positioning; critical for patient safety and comfort. Pellethane and Isoplast compounds with barium sulfate and tungsten are now both available from LLS.

Pellethane thermoplastic polyurethane is available as aromatic polyethers or polyesters and are known for their flexibility and wide range of hardness. Pellethane TPUs are excellent for a variety of medical applications including tubing, catheters and other short-term uses.

Isoplast engineered thermoplastic polyurethanes are designed for rigid polymer requirements due to their high tensile strength and impact resistance. Isoplast medical polymers may be used to replace polycarbonate where stress cracking is an issue or coloring is difficult. Isoplast is ideal for applications needing an impact resistance-based polymer.

This new capability is made possible through a partnership with trusted custom medical plastics compounder, Compounding Solutions. Compounding Solutions is committed to manufacturing specialty plastics compounds and concentrates of the highest quality in order to satisfy requirements of the medical device industry.

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