Commentary: Berkshire Gives Up on Enormous Australian Gas Field

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The defining characteristic of any mirage is that the closer you think you are to it, the further away it seems to get.

Sadly, in what is sure to be a major disappointment for Berkshire Hathaway, after years of work its CalEnergy subsidiary is planning to decommission two exploration wells which have been used to test the potential for natural gas production in the Whicher Range, south of Busselton.

The gas field had been estimated to contain four trillion cubic feet of gas-in-place.

The problem has always been how to get it.

CalEnergy is the sole titleholder and operator of the exploration permit EP 408 located approximately 280 kilometers south of Perth, and covers both the Whicher Range and Wonnerup gas fields.

The test wells, WR1 and WR4, will be sealed with concrete and the well heads removed.

The land immediately around the well locations will be rehabilitated in line with conditions to be set out by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

In 2016, Peter Youngs, the Managing Director of CalEnergy Resources Group, discussed with MazorsEdge the progress on the development of the gas field, noting that “the field represents a large in place gas resource, its characteristics are challenging and there is much work still remaining to move this resource to a commercially developable status.”

Unfortunately, those obstacles proved to be too much to surmount.

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